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I am proud to be an ambassador for Up2Us Sports, the nationwide leader in sports-based youth development. Up2Us Sports harnesses the power of sports to reduce youth violence, promote health, and inspire academic success for kids in every community. Their research, training, and on-the-ground initiatives empower sports programs across the country to become a united force for meaningful change.

My mission is to always give back to my community and my city. I believe personal success and growth lies in having good role models, working hard, and fighting for what is right.

I truly enjoy being a role model for children and teens and try to make a difference in their lives through the art of boxing and training.


The event was produced by Damon along with high profile notables in the Philly Boxing Community, as well as a host of local celebrity athletes, musical artist, and actors.  The Food Drive is a partnering effort with Philabundance and was the launch of an ongoing Food Drive at the Shepard Rec Center in West Philadelphia. Our goal was to raise awareness about the serious hunger epidemic in our Philadelphia communities as well as to use this event as a platform to educate people about the accessibility of Food Drive deposit locations all over the city.

We launched the first of our charitable projects in October of 2016 with the first annual “Damon Allen and Friends Celebrity Food Drive and Soup Kitchen,” a partnering effort with Philabundance. We were able to feed and provide winter coats for many homeless people. Thanks to friends, family, neighbors, and our friends at CBS 3 Philadelphia, we were able to shed light on the homeless epidemic in the inner cities.  

We are in the process of getting involved with charitable endeavors involving Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia starting in 2017.